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now_ish Instead of stressed I lie here charmed. - Just when I thought I reached the bottom..
.. I'm dying again.
now_ish Instead of stressed I lie here charmed.

Dancing upon a mountain of corpses was the proper way to close the evening, I feel. Not exactly a mountain, but pretty close when it came between me and the this new vampire that struck enough to intrigue me. "I appreciate the evening you've given me," I told him when the dance came to a halt, appreciating the lusting killer I saw look upon me. ".. you reminded me on why it's so satisfying to be.. us." That brought a cruel, satified grin upon his face.. when I thought he was going to make the move none was made. Of course with this certain fellow, you can never be so sure. He seemed more of a gentleman than what the cover told.

A smirk was offered in return. "Why don't you go back for now? Check on the family. I've got.. one more thing to tend to." My thumb was lightly brushed upon Kyle's smooth lips to wipe away some blood he left unattended, leaving me to lick my finger clean. "And Angelus? Don't go near him for now.. I want to give my dear boy a proper surprise."

My smirk turned into a devious grin, moving myself slowly as the distance lengthened more and more between us before I turned to make my departure. My thoughts continued to simmer of what recently happened.. most of what happened just now. If it's one thing I learned, it's always best to keep the longing to make them hunger for more. He had so much more to learn.. and if he was going to be in this family of ours, I was going to make sure his name will be worthwhile to be heard.

We weren't one of the most respected for nothing.

When the cool air of the city greeted my face each step I made led me closer and closer to the destination that continued to leave quite an unsettling at the pit of my stomach throughout my satisfying evening. Something I had to prove to my eyes and ease my mind. It's almost as if I felt my dead heart skip when my eyes caught sight of the Hyperion Hotel looming ahead, it's haunting image telling me memories of what happened in the past.

Dead, gone memories, I reminded myself.

I moved in a bit closer so I could get a better look but not be noticed, finally seeing the face I knew would be here.. barely blurred within the dirty windows. Him. Lindsey. My vampiric featured submitted to my human appearance.. trying to catch sight of everything happening. He was standing alongside a girl I couldn't recognize and Wesley was also there. Hmph. Wesley. He didn't looked too pleased, either..

Lindsey was now strolling among the White Hats.. standing by the side of who were my mortal enemies, who would seek me out as nothing more than dust. I wonder though.. is he truly ready to be on the opposite side? Prepared to be against me?

I had to smirk again. Lindsey, my dear boy Lindsey.. you know you don't belong there, right? You will never belong with them.. at least that's what Wesley's face was telling me.

My tongue ran over my lips as the delicious options were literally offered to me -- well, guess I'll have to figure all these out myself. Before leaving though I tried to see if I could spot out one more face -- Connor -- but unfortunately that wasn't given to me. Not yet.

Looks like there's going to be more future Hyperion visits for me.

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