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now_ish - Just when I thought I reached the bottom..
.. I'm dying again.

There was a long moment of silence when I decided to do something about it. Taking a deep breath I pushed myself up upon my feet, my back performing a sharp, stinging ache from the impact. I was able to still move even if it was painfully slow. The only show I gave of my physical condition was a few winces before I moved myself toward the bathroom. Grabbing a washcloth I ran it under hot water, allowing it to soak in. My eyes snapped up to my reflection in the mirror above the sink. My reflection. I frowned, quickly lowering my eyes.. I looked like a broken woman. I dared not imagine how my back looked.. though I could wager it wasn't exactly the product of the throes of passion.

I think it's settled enough, I decided to myself when I picked up the wet cloth into my hand and rang it out until it was damp. Spying my reflection one more time I hesitated before stepping out of the washroom. What the hell was I doing?

My eyes turned and settled upon Lindsey who still hasn't moved himself from the spot he was struck down. He looked more pitiful than I did -- of course, who could really blame after going through something like that? I showed no hint of emotion when approaching him, nor did I even bother to urge him to move to the couch.

"I didn't even know you got yourself a new one," I whispered quietly in reference to his hand when I finally saw what happened. Bruised, purple, crushed.. like a grape drying underneath the sun. No wonder Angelus liked her so much. And even as much as I hated to admit it, it was so much better that he was fawning over this new brunette than that purity girl he killed me for.

I carefully cradled his hand upon mine while the other tended to wipe the blood away very gently with the dampen cloth. I didn't know exactly what to say -- ask him what he expected? What was he trying to accomplish? Coddle him and tell him it was all going to be okay? Hmm.. sure I would. I hope he wasn't expecting that. Doesn't help either I wasn't exactly an expert in first aid -- never bothered to learn -- and I wasn't too interested on spending my time looking for a kit. I liked taking people apart a lot better than putting them back together.

"You shouldn't get in fights that don't involve you, Lindsey," I stated with point, continuing with the tending. ".. you're -- or should I say you were a lawyer, not a revolutionary." He was definately stronger than the last time I saw him though. I could see it when I watched him with Faith.. I was more interested in learning how.

"She's no threat to you. Never really was."

I closed my eyes, those words still ringing loudly in my ears. I wanted it to stop.

Yes.. I had to find out how.

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