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Just when I thought I reached the bottom..

.. I'm dying again.

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"Kill me.. beat me down.. I'm not afraid of death anymore. I've died five times and lived four hundred years. Apparently something bigger wants me around because I'm just going to keep coming back."
- Darla


crosses_to_bear (BtVS Post Season Seven / AtS Post Season Five) - summary coming soon.

even_in_death_ (BtVS Season Five / AtS Season Two) - summary coming soon.

feel_theflames (AU AtS Season Two) - summary coming soon.

bemy_unintended (AtS Post Season Five) - summary coming soon.

flowershavegone (AtS Season Two) - summary coming soon.

Darla is played by jessierarr. She doesn't take copyright for Darla or Julie Benz. Awards for this character can be found here.

Header credit goes to the ever so fabulous beneathgulmissy. Layout credit goes to roniabirk.
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